• Develop Business Growth, Profitability & Sales Opportunities by Gaining New Customers and Repeatable Channel Opportunities
• Limit Costs through Restructured Operational Efficiency, Reduced Sales Cycles and Improved Performance
• Secure Long-Term Business Relations with Partners, Customers, Investors, Board Members and Suppliers
• Ensure Maximized Enterprise Performance & Strategies (M&A)
• Enhance Communications, Market Penetration & Leadership
• Expand Product & Solution Roadmaps
• Deliver Role-Based Enterprise Management, Anti-Fraud, Governance/Risk/Compliance & End-to-End Secured Big Data Solutions using Advanced Portals, Data Analytics & Cloud Solutions
• Detect, Prevent, Manage and Fight Fraud/Investigations + Forensics
• Deliver End-to-End Pro-Active Security Solutions (from physical and chemical to IT including all layers of the OSI model + Cyber)

Having offered solutions to small to large companies globally, secured 100+ references, restructured corporate strategies and completed over 200 university-level courses, I thrive upon independently developing valuable custom-solutions as well as led multi-disciplinary teams (1300 individuals) with $50M in P&L.


HOW I HAVE BEEN HELPING OTHERS BEFORE – Noteworthy accomplishments include:

Anyck Turgeon

- Secured more than $2B in corporate sales

- Gained more than 1540 new customers within 18 months

- Completed full restructuring of several disparate companies into a profitable cleantech conglomerate including corporate name and legal changes within three months

- Doubled annual revenues by securing repeatable channel revenues at several corporations

- Increased prospective clientele drastically with 300,000 qualified leads within 3 months

- Modified products/services/solutions ensuring increased profitability from 3% to 40%

- Reduced costs extensively through global re-alignment of worldwide operations, partnerships and processes (HR, payroll, safety, sales, marketing)

- Has been hosting a radio show on tech innovation with leading thought leaders

- Has been co-authoring of books and articles (including advanced queries management and portals)


WHAT I  HAVE BEEN DOING LATELY - Recent recognitions include:

  • Securing advanced education in corporate finance from Harvard University, business management from McCombs/University of Texas, fraud examination from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, digital forensics (GCFE) from SANS Institute, governance/risk management/compliance from OCEG, Texas Notary license, business intelligence (BCIP) from TDWI, computer security (CISSP/GISP) from SANS Institute/ISC2, physical security (CPP) from ASIS and chemical safety from US Department of Homeland Security
  • 2012 recognitions by the Premier of the Province of Quebec, the Honorable Jean Charest, and the Mayor of the City of Levis, Danielle Roy Marinelli, for extraordinary business acumen, work performance, determination, outstanding leadership, strategic vision and international awards recognition
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for Ongoing Extraordinary Business Contributions by The Honorable Minister of Veteran Affairs Steven Blaney on behalf of the Government of Canada
  • 2011 Executive of the Year – Energy Distinguished Honoree of the International Business Awards (sole female recipient in the program’s history)
  • 2011 Turnaround Executive of the Year Distinguished Honoree at the American Business Awards
  • 2011 Hero of the Year Distinguished Honoree for the Célébrations de Lévis in Canada
  • 2011 Women Executives in America Distinguished Honoree
  • 2010 Executive of the Year – IT of the International Business Awards

“Ms. Turgeon is a great dame of tech innovation. Few people ever get recognized as “Best in the World” in one industry.It takes extraordinary executive management skills and passion to receive such accolades from peers two years in a row – especially in two of the world’s most prominent industries such as Energy and Information Technology.”